The Girls

We are 2 girls who both got cameras for Christmas 2011. We both love taking pictures and we asked mom if we could have a blog just like her to share our pictures with family and friends.

Katiana is 6 years old. She is an art lover. She loves photography, drawing, painting, making things with clay, and anything else that you can do in art class. She plays soccer but also is a girly girl, loving to wear dresses and skirts, hating it when mom makes her wear pants.

Katiana is using a Canon PowerShot S400 4MP Digital Camera

Alyce is 4 years old. She loves to dance and twirl and tumble and jump but she loves to do arty things like her big sister also. Dancing though is really want you'll find her doing most of the time. She loves to take pictures with her camera and after 2 days of use mom pulled over 500 pictures off of it. She is constantly snapping away. Alyce loves for people to call her a princess.

Alyce is using a Vtech Kidizoom Camera in Light Blue

Have fun following them as they show you what life looks like at their level! And let's see if Katiana can make it through Project 365 with mom this year. (Mom failed last year, she's hoping with Katiana's help, she'll make it through it in 2011!)

Note - Mom decided not to edit our photos like she does her own.  The only work you will see that has been done to our photos is our own watermark added and it may be resized if it makes it easier to upload.  Please respect our work and do not repost anywhere without permission first.  Thank you!